Obscure Rabbit -Print 20×20

Obscure Rabbit is now available in PRINT on quality Canvas.

20 Inch X 20 Inch Print = $125.00

Hand Painted by Artist Sheila Raimer

Original painting is Acrylic on Canvas Size 20 x 20.

We think custom sizing Obscure Rabbit might be fun… Let’s see how big we can go?

Obscure Rabbit Print

Obscure Rabbit Print 20 inch X 20 Inch on Custom Canvas. $125.00 BUT- Before you place your order, click on Contact Artist (above) and let's discuss your space and what size you would love to order. Include your shipping address in the contact email and we will get you a solid quote for your very own custom size Print. (*$125 quote is for a 20 x 20 print only)


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