Otto the Ostrich

Prints now available of OTTO

Acrylic Painting on Canvas

PRINT : 12 Inch X 36 Inch on Custom Canvas


Order today – but before you do remember we want you to click on the CONTACT ARTIST link above and discuss your option of CUSTOM SIZING YOUR PRINT FOR YOUR SPACE. Be sure to include your shipping address so we can get you a solid price quote. Thank you for supporting a LIVING ARTIST.

Otto – 12 Inch X 36 Inch- Print on Canvas

This print is so fun and perfect to lighten up a room. Otto with his Vibrant splash of red will complement any room. Click below to order now. But before you do - remember to click on "Contact Artist" first and talk about the option to custom size OTTO to fit your space. And include your Shipping address so we can give you a solid quote from our home to yours. ( $150 is the price for a 12 x 36 Custom Canvas Print only )