Introducing “Mono Rojo”

Living in Costa Rica has changed my view of Monkeys.  I remember the first time I woke up at 4:30 to this “blood curdling howl”  I actually got out of bed ran to the window wondering what in the world is that?  

Now I sleep right through it.

I was inspired to paint a series of these beautiful creatures.

If you have ever seen one of these guys, or heard their guttural howl, you will appreciate hanging an authentic Costa Rican Howler in your home.

We think it would be the perfect “man cave” wall décor!


Introducing: ” Mono Rojo”

Mono Rojo

Measuring : 31 1/2 inch x 17 1/2 inches

Acrylic on Canvas.  Gallery wrap.

Price : $200 US Dollars

Mono Rojo
Costa Rican Howler Monkey
Mono Rojo
Costa Rican Howler Monkey


One Drew Three Online Art Rojo Mono

Important : Shipping is not included in the online price. Contact Artist for the Total Shipping Cost


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